A-one, two, three, four…

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re dead!

Well, not quite. See, you had the Right Stuff to be a Real Hero, but for whatever reason the cruel and capricious whims of Fate decided that your time was up before you could realize your true potential. Luckily for you (and unluckily for the rest of the world), the Neverborn, the slain Primordial architects of reality, decided to give you a second chance…so that you might end their unceasing torment by tearing asunder the shackles that bind them from plunging into sweet, merciful Oblivion.

Those shackles are all of existence, by the way.

Now you’re stuck waaaaaay the fuck out West, dealing with angry gods, fickle elementals, asshole mortals, and all the salt water you could never want. Your bosses are crazy, their bosses are even crazier, the world itself revolts against your very existence, and an absolutely staggering number of beings are lining up to finish the job that Fate started with you. Your very name has been cast into the Void, and answering to it will cause things you like to die. In fact, liking things will, in and of itself, cause them to die.

Welcome to Creation. Here’s your goddamn shovel.

This here is a game of Exalted 2.5, where y’all will be playing Abyssal Exalted, aka Deathknights, aka Draculas. Five to seven poor dumb bastards lucky goons are needed to go forth and sail the high seas while being as ridiculously awesome as your imaginations permit and wearing the entire combined contents of a mausoleum and a Hot Topic outlet. The tone I’m aiming for is pitch-black comedy with just a touch of seriousness for the occasional dramatic moment. If you’ve ever seen Blackadder, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Important Things

Revised Crafting Rules

Revised Mutations


No starting with Essence 4. Seriously, I don’t know if that was a typo they just didn’t catch in the errata or what, but coming out of the gate with Essence 4 is just crazy.

Essence 3 is purchased normally. Essence 4 and 5 are awarded to the entire team for accomplishing story goals – this should help prevent any E4 arms races and massive power disparities.

Attribute costs are just a little bit silly. Price is now (Rating*3) XP, or (Rating*3 – 2) for ’xalts with Favored Attributes.

Sorcery/Necromancy charms that grant access to a circle also grant one free spell of that circle. Furthermore, spells are no longer completely incompatible with other charms; they can be used with Excellencies and only Excellencies.

The errata to Ravening Mouth of (Ability) (motes leeched can only be used for attunement to Artifacts, and vanish at the end of the scene) is terrible, and we will be rightly ignoring it.

The Avatar keyword is gone, baby, gone. No more “You are insufficiently emo to use this cool power”.

Artifact works like it does for Dragon-Blooded: Every dot gets you two dots worth of artifacts, no individual one of which can exceed your rating in the background (ie Artifact 3 could get you two 3-dot artifacts or one 3-dot, one 2-dot, and one 1-dot, but not a 4-dot and a 2-dot). You are not just Draculas, you are Pirate Draculas, and pirates need swag!

Any leftover dots worth of artifacts you don’t feel like you need may be POOLED with those of other players to trick out your SWEET GHOST SHIP.

In case it’s not obvious, the Sail Ability WILL be important, so don’t neglect it! EDIT: to quantify, I am implementing the following houserule: Sail will MODIFY other abilities used in a nautical environment. If your Sail is 2 or more below another Ability’s rating, you take a -1 External penalty to checks and static values involving that Ability while at sea. However, if you take Sail 5, you gain 1 sux on all actions against anyone or anything that doesn’t also have Sail 5! Note that this also applies to things like DVs! This also applies to Ride and mounted actions, or War and mass-combat actions, and replaces the existing rule that your other Abilities are capped by Ride/War (seriously who thought that was a good idea).

While mounted, you may derive your Dodge DV from your Ride Ability instead of Dodge.

Willpower and Virtues cost a flat 4 XP per dot to raise after chargen. The existing XP costs are flatly nuts, and mean that virtually nobody will ever raise them in play, which is stupid.

Training times are being abstracted. Instead of beancounting the days spent, you will have either Short or Long Downtimes. Short Downtimes allow you to train charms, spells, and abilities; Long Downtimes permit bumps to attributes or Essence, as well as artifact crafting. Backgrounds are handled on a common-sense basis.

The mass combat system is dead. Long live the mass combat system.

More houserules and such to come as I think them up

If you have any questions or whatnot, I’m pretty much always in #Abyssals on SynIRC, although I’m not always available due to school and sleep and such.