Amulet OR Shattered Amulet

Magitech artifact found aboard the Thousand-Facet-Jewel. Designed by an unrivaled necromancer (the Traitorous Deathlord is a prime suspect), its genius construction includes advances that have allowed for the improvement of the Revelation’s engine.

“It’s entirely shutting out the influence of Saturn and shunting Xùlan aside from the cycle of life and death. If his observations are correct, destroying her bodies without destroying this object first would both fail to kill her and have unpredictable, likely catastrophic effects on the fabrics of Creation and the Underworld alike.”

“It acts as a conduit to another, unknown source of Essence. This, in and of itself, would not be especially worrisome if it weren’t for the fact that it’s channeling more power than any known magitech can handle, and that it shows no signs of running out anytime soon"

“This goes beyond shutting out fate, for the very existence of the Deathknights is predicated on the fact that even beings beyond death can die. Whoever created this is both a necromancer without peer and an utter madman; the sheer damage this thing might have done to reality merely by existing is unfathomable.”

Envoy of Eternal Peace

One of the two soulsteel ships issued to the group. Captained by Spawn of the Devouring Wyrm, who loudly proclaims it to be bigger and better than the “dead fish” or Revelation.

Imminent Revelation of Oblivion

The smaller and lighter of the two ships owned by the group. Captained by Watcher At The Gates of Sorrow.

Jarviksen’s Stranger Tides and Distant Shores

Jarviksen’s book is a vast compendium of the life and adventures of the mythic sailor, Darius Xoxen. Strange and surreal, the timeline spans some three hundred years during the Shogunate period, and despite its (allegedly) fictitious nature, was regarded as the seminal dialogue on all things naval. Following the Balorian Crusade and the rise of the Immaculate Order, suspicions arose that Jarviksen and Xoxen were one and the same, and an Anathema. The volume itself was deemed heretical and purged, although many of the teachings on naval doctrine in the later Thousand Correct Actions of the Upright Soldier are remarkably similar (although it would be quite unwise to so remark within earshot of the Order). A surviving copy would now be largely valuable as a collector’s item, but the price it might fetch is staggering.

Plant Plague or Chakra Kudzu or Plant Virus or The Cancer That Is Killing Creation

Plague developed by Cynis Xulan at Cleansing Tide’s behest. This terrifying plague forces infected individuals into a hive-mind where they take direction primarily from the reigning Plant Officers. The known strains of the plant include Blue, which had a flaw of sympathetic pain, Yellow, possibly extinct, Green, which swore an oath to Wyrm after The Warehouse Confrontation, and Purple, Cleansing Tide’s ultimate strain which he plans to use to infect at least 80% of Creation’s Dragonblooded.

Siren’s Heartbreak

Warship which Stewart Johnson has captained for years and on which the mortal who became Damnation served and died. Has been refitted with Shogunate-era weaponry and defenses. Is currently believed to be occupied by Stewart Johnson and Alcada Luz, both infected by the Plant Plague.


Butterfly’s favorite drink and weapon of choice. Also was used for evil by Clensing Tide to aspect a manse to all five elements simultaneously using hundreds of teapots. For this reason it may or may not be the sixth element of Creation, but Butterfly intends to study this further.

Thousand-Facet Jewel

Hostile ship encountered almost as soon as the group left the Underworld. Rose, Iselsi, and Carrus were all met here, as well as numerous young dragonblooded including V’neef Auling, Peleps Tzorik, Ledaal Loren, and Ragara Kaida, and, of course, the late Cynis Xulan. This is also where the group first encountered the plant plague


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