Alcada Luz

Eclipse caste Solar who was serving on the Siren’s Heartbreak under Stewart Johnson. Is known to have mastered Solar Hero style. Believed to still be aboard the Siren’s Heartbreak with Stewart Johnson, but infected with the Plant Plague.

Barrow Mound’s Regent

A Dusk Caste serving the Mask of Winters, believed to be one of the eldest Abyssal exalted. Mask usually gives him the largest allotments of troops, best weapons, and most important assignments, which angers to no end Mask’s other Dusk Caste, Last Damnation of Atlantis. Spawn of the Devouring Wyrm admires his brutally elegant strategies and seeks to emulate them.

Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible

Deathlord under which Daughter of Onyx and Silver presently serves. Has been cleared by Cleansing Tide from potentially being the Traitorous Deathlord


Member of Bolt-from-Brightest-Day’s Thunderbird Flight. Seems to have a degree of bloodlust. Was once held within a Yasal Crystal aboard the Thousand-Facet-Jewel and was freed in the aftermath of that conflict. Now serves aboard the Revelation as a gunner.

Bolt-from-Brightest Day

Leader of the Thunderbird Flight which allied with the group during the first chapter. His flight contains Glorious Herald of Strife, Spark-of-Inspiration, and Blood-on-the-Wind. Is terrifyingly strong in his bright blue bird form, wields a Grimcleaver in human form, and is known to call down lightning bolts at will. Is currently in some funky sort of relationship with Never-Within-Reach. More prone to thinking than the average Thunderbird. Very good kisser.

Cleansing Tide, Grandmaster OR Scatters-the-Ashes

Chief antagonist of Chapter 2. A powerful Sidereal martial artist believed to be a Chosen of Endings, he manipulated Cynis Xulan into crafting the Plant Plague while masquerading as a Grandmaster of the Immaculate Order. He operates out of a mission on the west side of the mountain and has been doing so at least since he summoned the Traitorous Deathlord during last Calibration.

Cynis Xulan

Wood-Aspected Immaculate Monk. Invented the Plant Plague for Grandmaster Cleansing Tide, infecting herself as the prototype. Was purged by the group about the Thousand-Facet-Jewel. Her journal was found there, divulging valuable intelligence and background information. Was close to Sesus Rosene. A funeral was held for her in her old villa in Petraya by Wyrm, and her ghost was found inhabiting Petraya by Wandering Rainbow having prepared the other ghosts there for battle.

Daii Kulchiss

Rough ’n Tough no-nonsense Tya. Victim of the yellow strain, became an exalt of wood when the yellow leader gave its life. Purged of his infestation, he was recruited by Wyrm to join the fight against Tide. Knows how to handle heavy weapons.

Drowned Maiden of the Unending Abyss

Day Caste Abyssal. Originally a member of the group, she disappeared very early into the story.

Dvaasa Srey

A Twilight who served aboard the Siren’s Heartbreak and later had her body stolen by Cynis Xulan after being infected with the plant plague. Was in a relationship with Bolt-from-Brightest-Day, who has sworn to avenge her.

Embalms the Mayflies’ Majesty

Haughty Daybreak caste Abyssal in the service of the Mask of Winters. Presently in Thorns supporting the occupation. Insisted on making Wyrm a suit of armour that didn’t offend her cultured aesthetics.


Member of Bolt’s Thunderbird flight. Was initially somewhat quiet, but has been coming out of his shell recently, showing a go-getter attitude and some decent personal charisma. Fights with a chain, which was instrumental in the capture of Koko’Ino. Leaves a very distinctive aftertaste.

Implacable Guileful Hunter

Creepy Lunar who keeps trying to kill Never. Has been attempting to do so at least since she attempted to steal Jarviksen’s Stranger Tides and Distant Shores, which was instead sold at auction.

Iselsi Sheena, Sister

Water-Aspected Immaculate Monk first encountered aboard the Thousand-Facet Jewel. Remained in close contact for a time, traveling with the group after the encounter and though diplomacy was attempted, Sheena was never able to get along with the group and had a tense confrontation with Wyrm. Left to tell the Realm about the plant plague; Vows to bring back warships and exterminate the group. Allergic to Fun.


A complete bitch. Ambitious Celestial Deity in service of Siakal. Worked for ‘Cleansing Tide’ pacifying, imprisoning, and feasting on locals until she was blasted by Butterfly and captured by Damnation. Hoped to become the Daimyo of Piracy. Currently held within a Yasal Crystal.


Unknown ally of ‘Cleansing Tide.’ Damnation suspects him or her of being a Stone Cold Killer and probably a Lunar. Is probably not the same person as Implacable Guileful Hunter. Never recovered the Little Black Book which was intended for this individual.

Ledaal Loren

Air-Aspect, 17-ish, creative type who handled a lot of the sermon-writing and helped with the mission’s archives (high Linguistics, Lore, and Occult). Frequently kind of out of it, tends to butt in with things that have nothing to do with the current conversation because he just thinks about things and occasionally blurts stuff out. He is currently a friend of Butterfly along with Ragara Kaida.

Mask of Winters

Spawn of the Devouring Wyrm and The Last Damnation of Atlantis serve this Deathlord. They participated in the invasion and sacking of Thorns under his command. It is not known whether or not he is the Traitorous Deathlord.

Mnemon “Stoneface” Carrus, Brother

An Earth-Aspected Immaculate Monk. Cannot speak due to a paralyzed face and throat due to being stung by a conch shell as a child. Was first encountered by the group aboard the Thousand-Facet Jewel where Damnation convinced him to work alongside the group to purge the decayed Cynis Xulan. Lived aboard the Envoy for a time where he and Damnation developed a rapport. Knew The Last Forsaken Poem in her earlier life as a dynastic heir. Left the Envoy to tell the Realm about the plant plague.

Ragara Kaida

Earth-Aspect, 19, sensible but kinda pedantic, helped with entrenchment, tended to be given leadership positions (good Craft, Integrity, and War). Very practical, finds Loren annoying because he can’t really stick to one topic in a conversation and had a bad habit of blowing off training and blaming it on archival duties. She is currently a friend of Butterfly, not that she’ll admit it.

Sesus Okove

Fire-Aspected Bureaucrat first encountered by the city infiltration group on the island of Petraya. Was astoundingly able to block Wyrm’s attempt at rabble-rousing while infected; Has now been cured of the plant plague; Plans to introduce him into the group may be underway.

Sesus Rosene

Fire-Aspected Immaculate Monk who served aboard the Thousand-Facet Jewel. When Carrus and Iselsi left, she remained behind as an ally. Was close to the late Cynis Xulan. Is becoming close to Wyrm.


A member of Bolt-from-Brightest-Day’s Thunderbird Flight, Spark-Of-Inspiration, while one of the more shy and quiet thunderbirds, seems to have a good degree of knowledge regarding Occult matters and an excellent ability to call down lightning from the sky. Is becoming close with Butterfly.

Stewart Johnson

Dawn Caste Solar and Captain of the Siren’s Heartbreak. Killer of the mortal who became The Last Damnation of Atlantis. Believed to be infected with the Plant Plague.

Ten Thousand Stars’ Last Gasp

Daybreak Caste serving the Mask of Winters. While an extremely talented craftsman, he becomes extremely annoyed when asked to produce items that don’t create or cause fires, explosions, or things of that nature. Is small and has a tendency to rant about minutae.

Tepet Ahazda, Brother

Air-Aspected Terrestrial who served aboard the Thousand-Facet Jewel. Known to be a Sorcerer. Was killed by Ceaseless during the first exchange of shots.

The Lover Clad In The Raiment Of Tears

The Deathlord with by far the most Death Knight from the group, all of Butterfly, Never, Poem, Jackal, and Ceaseless and formerly Poem. Never Within Reach was at one point the right hand of this Deathlord, but at some point her memory was wiped and she fell into disfavor. Evidently has still not forgiven whatever slight cast Passions Wayward Reaching (now Never) from favor; definitely does not use any hypothetical charm tree that may or may not revolve around the use of rapeghosts haunting and seductive phantoms.

The Silver Prince OR Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water

Deathlord patron of Drowned Maiden of the Unending Abyss, who has since departed. Rules the Skullstone Archipelago from Darkmist Isle. Cleansing Tide and his Yu-Shan contacts have verified he is not the traitorous Deathlord.

Traitorous Deathlord aka “Nikanor”

An unknown Deathlord, this individual built himself half of a summoning gate on Petraya and gave Cleansing Tide the coordinates. He has fed large amounts of verified intelligence to Yu-Shan and is aware of something called Project Evergreen and its past failures, which worries Yu-Shan. This project and his involvement with them may involve Olkaida and its return. Has been dubbed Nikanor by Butterfly.

V’neef Auling

Wood aspect terrestrial. Once a carefree wastrel, his bumbling mistakes played a part in releasing the Chakra Orchids into the wild, which in turn led to Xulan’s inspiration to create the Chakra Kudzu. Horrified by the consequences of his actions, has pledged to set right what went wrong. Presently serving under Wyrm.


An elderly priest of the Cyanin ancestor cultists encountered by a portion of the group when they first arrived on Petraya. Currently leads some of the freed Cyanin in worship of some of the Abyssals in the Petrayan Shadowland.

Wandering Rainbow

A former player character. Eternally Cheery Midnight Caste. A rather dapper skeleton. Nearly indestructible. Very friendly. Formerly served as ambassador and ship’s counselor on the Envoy of Eternal Peace.


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