What the hell is this nonsense?

You, the player, are not the only one to ask that question! Abyssals Double Feature has a lot of mysteries in its story – some solved, some ongoing, and some yet to even appear in-game. Keeping track of them can be daunting even for people who’ve been in this game from the beginning, let alone new readers, and forcing people to do homework to stay abreast of the plot kind of defeats the purpose of a role-playing game. With that in mind, here is a list of every caper, thriller, whodunnit, and glaring ontological question in this campaign, along with all clues that have been both collected and associated with a given case file.

New readers, be warned: from this point on, here there be spoilers!

Solved Mysteries

What’s the deal with this not-really-a-Guild-ship?

Why is this evil summoning circle making Watcher and Butterfly act like spazzes?

This Tide douchebag’s plan makes no goddamn sense

Unsolved Mysteries

How did Never manage to piss off the Lover that badly?

Where did the Siren’s Heartbreak get that much gun?

Where in Creation is Láng Congming?

What is House Peleps trying to pull here?

What’s so important about this book anyways?

What happened to Rakim and Leo’s island?

Who is this scary Moonbug lady and what is her agenda?

What is Olv-Kai-D’nah and why is it so important?

Who is the Traitor Deathlord?

Casefiles of Last Mercy Given (IC collection of loose ends)

This is my little collection of all those things that I figure we really shouldn’t forget. They may match a hint somewhere down the line, and we can’t connect dots that we don’t know exist.

1) “WELL DONE” – We (Never and I) got help from an unknown source in Ashes’ little hidey hole deep below Petraya – a source that incinerated two plantmen without leaving anything behind except nearly-invisible ash, and a source that spoke a kind of Old Realm not in use since… a very long time ago. Who was our mystery benefactor?
-Theory: Alvuea? But why would she help us like this?
-Theory: Ashes was enough of a bastard to make anybody into his enemy. And we all know what they say about the enemy of my enemy, of course. Still, how did she get down there? How did she know we would find it? Too many questions.

2) Why did Nikanor give Ashes the plans for the amulet and (seemingly) the info he needed to step up Project Evergreen?
- Theory: Wanted an expendable test subject for the amulet design
- Theory: wanted it used, so its Bad Stuff would happen – although this too invites a ‘why?’
- Observation: Giving it to Ashes might indicate that he expected it to be put to use, which doesn’t say much about his expectation of Ashes’ odds. What would he gain by giving Ashes an extra life? Did he want the aftereffects to get Ashes caught? Too much speculation.

3) What do we know now that we didn’t before? Was Nikanor expecting Ashes to win or lose at Petraya? Do we have more information on Nikanor’s plans or goals, and if not, how can we get it?
- Observation: This will likely have to wait until after Ashes’ interrogation to resolve.

4) Why is Olv’Kai’Dnah’s return so all-fired important? Ashes was set to convert 80% of the ENTIRE DRAGON-BLOODED POPULATION in order to make sure it didn’t fall into non-Sidereal hands, so it’s gotta be something big.
“I had a vision. It is sort of like an ancient city? But it can be used as a weapon in the wrong hands? It’s not clear yet.” -D

5) If Rakim can’t read, he has to have gotten his information on Jarviksen’s Stranger Tides from someone. Who?

6) Where and who in the world is Lang Conming? Was he in league with Ashes? If yes, why did he leave the material he did in the places he did?

7) What does the key whose impression Lang Conming left behind unlock? He did it pretty deliberately, so it’s gotta be important for SOMEBODY, and odds are it isn’t Ashes.

8) Who took the files in the blue-tasseled folder that Tzorik discovered (the transfer orders) and what do the coordinates the orders point to represent?
- Theory: The coordinates are far away enough from anything in the West that they could represent a rendezvous point for the attack or exploration of Olv’Kai’Dnah.
“Don’t forget that Peleps seems to be…"

9) What actually happened to Rakim’s island? What brought Never there on friendly-ish terms with Implacable Guileful Hunter?
-RECENT INFORMATION: I’ve found…something troubling in a memory crystal Never showed me. We’re going to need to go there ourselves to get the full story, or at least more of it.

10) Where is the Siren’s Heartbreak? With it still at large, the purple strain is not yet dealt with. Should we try to save Stewart Johnson and Alcada Luz? (no.)
RESOLVED: ‘birds can track it’

11) Murmur said that when Ashes freaked out, just before the summoning, he was talking about how Olkaida was the only chance of stopping somebody named Xian or Zhou or some such. Who is this person, and why was Ashes so afraid of him that he started all this crap?
RESOLVED: Cynis Xulan, of course. Occasionally I can’t see the tree (or the flower, for that matter) for the forest.

12) Why in the world did this… ‘Wesley Merrin’ own a copy of Jarviksen’s Stranger Tides?
- Theory: the Sidereal report mentioned that Safe In My Shadow (aka Lyla Merrin) seemed to be there, representing her master in a dispute with a member of the Western Silver Pact. Could that member have been ‘Sola’?

13) Why was Ashes imprisoning ghosts below the manse?
- To Do: Interview the woman that Never met below the manse. She’ll likely have something to say.
- UPDATE: Handled and recorded the interview. It seems even Ashes was interested in old stories – which implied we should ALSO be interested. And indeed, the old woman’s tale was an interesting one.


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