Merchant city-fleet created by the lashing together of many ships. The Little Black Book was going to tell L that Jarviksen’s Stranger Tides and Distant Shores was located here, but Never recovered it instead.

Lordsmeet Isle

An island some distance south of Petraya. Bolt reported friendly fire elementals living there, and it is also the location of one of Never Within Reach’s memory stones.

Olkaida OR Olv-Kai-D’nah

Some sort of dead continent and lost utopia dating back to before the Primordial War. The Little Black Book says that Cleansing Tide has confirmed its return is imminent.


Island. Primary setting of Chapter 2. Inhabited by Cleansing Tide, Cyanin, Smaragdi, Numerous Infected. Location of The Mission, Doom Circle, and Volcano-Manse.

The Mission

Home base of Cleansing Tide and his servants. A large number of ghosts have entered and not returned. Serves as a geomantic focus, albeit not currently functioning, for the Volcano-Manse.


An especially large manse which focuses the energies of the Petrayan Volcano, a massive demense. It has not been functioning for a very long time (Years? Decades? Centuries) because the geomantic energies of the five elements are deadlocked. It is likely that a powerful surge of energy could break the deadlock, but it would be necessary to afterwards re-engineer The Mission, or there could be unknown consequences. (Explosion?)


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