A tribe of human mortals, some of whom inhabit Petraya. They are distinct from the Smaragdi in that many of them are ancestor cultists and view the Abyssals as some sort of divine emissary. Have blue hair.

Blue Strain

One of the breeds of Chakra Root created by Cynis Xulan. The third such breed, the Blue Strain showed an excess of compassion which made it highly sensitive to sympathetic pain between its victims. Seduced by Wyrm under the guise of The Lady Unmasked Winter, and incapacitated in battle.

Green Strain

One of the breeds of Chakra Root created by Cynis Xulan. The second such breed, the green strain has an excess of valour which leaves it prone to extreme mood swings. Fought the party in Jainking Harbour, but surrendered once they were shown Tide had betrayed them. Under oath to infest only well-informed and free willed volunteers, and wage no war of aggression against any undead nation.

Project Evergreen

A Yu-Shan or Sidereal project which has experienced setbacks and failures in the past. The Traitorous Deathlord is somehow aware of it and these setbacks.

Purple Strain

The last breed of Chakra Root created by Cynis Xulan. Finely honed tool for combating the undead, the Purple strain is capable of dealing extreme harm to the undead, permanently destroying ghosts, and transferring some powers of its infested exalts to its other bodies. Infests the crew of the Siren’s Heartbreak. Tide intends to distribute it en masse for use in war. Suspected to show an excess of conviction, with unknown consequences.

Red Strain

The original breed of Chakra Root created by Cynis Xulan. The strain which Xulan took into herself. It is highly invasive, heavily mutating those it infects and driving them mad over time. Believed to be extinct.


A tribe of humans living on Petraya. Historically seem to have strained relations with the Cyanin. Have green hair.

Yellow Strain

A breed of Chakra Root created by Cynis Xulan. The fourth such breed, it showed an excess of temperance which lead it to question its orders and its purpose. Fought with the party at Jianking harbour, their leader sacrificed itself to infuse four of its members with wood-aspect exaltation. Thought to be extinct.


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